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Let's build your dream

At Rah Rah Consulting, we offer business consulting and lifestyle support with spirit.

Over the years we have been developing our skills to work with a variety of clients to find creative business solutions to help their grow their businesses and themselves.

Everyone has a sense of purpose and the inner strength to make themselves--even the whole world--better. We can help find that in you.

Thinking of starting a new business or expanding on your current business model, we can take you to the next level.

Currently, we are available for one-on-one consulting/coaching, but will soon expand our services to training, courses and a membership.

If you're ready to get serious, we're here to serve you.

What we're good at:

  • Keeping it real (no bs)
  • Holding you accountable
  • Figuring out solutions to challenging situations
  • Keeping you motivated!
  • Creating unique marketing strategies customized for your business
  • Increasing revenue for your business
  • Streamlining work processes and improving workflow
  • Creating a course, offer, and lead generators for your business
  • Packaging and branding your products or offers
  • Helping you avoid burnout
  • Highlighting your strengths
  • Building your dreams
  • Cheering you on!

  • Get the best

    "Lauren has the type of pride, accountability, and sense of ownership in her work that is rarely seen in a business environment. She demands the highest of levels from herself and those around her and is unrelenting in achieving expectations. Your project, business, event, training or marketing plan will be in good hands if Lauren has been given the responsibility to deliver for you." Rohan Dwyer, Business Growth & Evolution


    Stand out from the crowd

    "Lauren is passionate, resilient and drives hard to achieve results. Something I really respect is her straight forward, genuine and supportive leadership style. Her experience across marketing, creative, radio and consulting means she's well rounded and equipped to solve complex business problems with solid strategic solutions. Lauren is an excellent talent and would be a tremendous addition to any team." Laurie Caradonna, Group Online Content Director at Grant Broadcasters

    Trust an expert

    "Lauren is incredibly talented. Her knowledge of online and social media marketing is second to none. I had no understanding of how to post audio and images from my radio program to the internet and social media. Thanks to Lauren and her teachings I have now achieved this and my radio content has more durability and much greater reach." Sarah Speller Radio 4CA Sarah's Spot


    A new perspective

    “Lots of fresh ideas and a lot more confidence in where I can take my business." Phil Copp Photography

    Invest in yourself

    Are you looking to grow your business and yourself? We have created the Rah Rah Spirit Team Membership to do just that. Through one-on-one training, online courses and monthly guest experts, the Spirit Team Membership is a supportive community where entrepreneurs encourage and support each other while learning and becoming the best they can be.

    Have some questions? We offer a 15-minute complimentary consultation over the phone or on Zoom to get to know what you're about, what you want to achieve and see if the Rah Rah Spirit Team Membership is a great fit for you.

    Learn from the best

    Book in your free consultation today. Email: consultingrahrah@gmail.com

    Did we mention you can try the Spirit Team for 14 days for free ! You have nothing to lose.