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Through one-on-one mentorship and custom workshops, I help small to medium-sized business owners and service providers in all things time management, mindset, self-care, marketing, sales and more.


Business and lifestyle mentoring with Lauren Grace

I am a mentor who supports you, encourages you and provides you with helpful tools and suggestions you can implement RIGHT NOW.

Are you doing everything in your business, but your business isn't advancing?

Are you struggling with anxiety and guilt and confused about prioritizing?

Are you working far too much and feeling overextended with no time for yourself?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then let's work together.

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Time Management

1 lauren grace rah rah consulting (2)



I help small to medium-sized business owners, service providers and students in a variety of capacities.

Time Management



Sales and Marketing

Dealing with Overwhelm

Public Speaking


Content Creation


  • You meet people in your life and they come and go. Lauren Tuck is not one of those people. You will stay connected to her for life. Not only because she's an absolutely beautiful and genuine person but because she brings value to everyone she meets. I've worked with Lauren for almost 5 years and she has helped me in so many ways. Through her knowledge of digital branding and my marketing and radio selling skills, we were a pretty good team. Lauren created digital solutions for my radio client campaigns which gave the client a well-rounded marketing plan that we could successfully execute. She's extremely hard-working, forward-thinking and brilliant in the digital and marketing world. Lauren can save you money and make you money. Snap her up before someone else does.
    Ronette Piva
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Lauren has got so much talent and passion for digital content/marketing, that it rubbed off on me and many of my colleagues. I loved her drive to deliver only the best and always done with a smile. Not only a reliable worker but very generous with her time offering herself as a sounding board to bounce ideas or even help solve a problem. I would work with her again, any day.
    Juanita Soper
    Radio Announcer
  • Lauren has the type of pride, accountability, and sense of ownership in her work that is rarely seen in a business environment. She demands the highest of levels from herself and those around her and is unrelenting in achieving expectations. Your project, business, event, training or marketing plan will be in good hands if Lauren has been given the responsibility to deliver for you.
    Rohan Dwyer
    Business Growth & Evolution
  • I had the pleasure of working with Lauren at Grant Broadcasters. Lauren is highly adaptable, encouraging, supportive, and always willing to put in the effort and time in any project. Lauren is innovative and has a passion for introducing new ideas that add value to listeners, clients, and the company. Lauren is a dedicated hard worker and a fantastic team leader. Lauren gave me direction in my new role at Grant Broadcasters and instilled me with the confidence to strive for perfection and satisfaction in my role as a producer. Lauren is a passionate person who performs well under pressure and takes pride in her work. Lauren has exceptional talent and would be a valuable addition to any team. I would welcome to opportunity to work with Lauren again in the future.
    Emily Haire
    Radio Producer
  • I highly recommend Lauren. She is extremely motivated and really knows her stuff. As a former colleague, I learned so much from her about the digital world. She was always patient and explained everything thoroughly. Since then, Lauren has been helping me with my rebranding and promoting of my business. Her advice is invaluable.
    Michelle Brewer
  • "Lauren is passionate, resilient and drives hard to achieve results. Something I really respect is her straight forward, genuine and supportive leadership style. Her experience across marketing, creative, radio and consulting means she's well rounded and equipped to solve complex business problems with solid strategic solutions. Lauren is an excellent talent and would be a tremendous addition to any team."
    Laurie Caradonna, Group Online Content Director
    Grant Broadcasters
  • Positive. Insightful. Nurturing. I have been lucky enough to work with Lauren both professionally and as a client and being able to experience her talents first hand I can honestly say what sets her apart from the rest is her care factor. She is your biggest cheerleader, your sounding board, your spark of hope that you CAN and WILL achieve what you have set out to achieve. She has years of experience and is constantly finding ways to better herself and her clients to stay ahead of the game. Lauren puts her heart and soul into every task, big and small and you will always get her best!
    Stevie-Lee Defranciscis
    Mining Recruitment Specialist
  • I am most thankful for the help Lauren has given me on several occasions. She is helpful, innovative, and patient. I have struggled with several issues concerning my business such as the use of social media, video conferencing and participating in podcasts. Lauren certainly has the skills to make you feel capable and relaxed with the challenging tasks at hand. I am much more confident and able to do the things I want now.
    Veronica McClintic
    Veronica McClintic Healing Centre
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